Sweetness Follows featured on the Live at Nine Show

Posted on 04/25/2013

This is a live interview that took place on April 10th for the Live at Nine Show on WREG-CBS in Memphis, TN. The interview was about the cookbook  and also promoted the Holly Springs Pilgrimage which was held the following weekend. The Sunday brunch that was served that weekend highlighted the bread pudding and sauce from the cookbook, Sweetness Follows, the Story of Sam and the Treat of the Week. Sam and Leila Lane and Katy were all present for the brunch and were the featured speakers.

Look for Sweetness Follows on REM website

Posted on 10/29/2012

From the beginning, when we approached this group about the possibility of using their song title as part of the title of this book, they have been nothing but positive and encouraging. On their website under the news section, there is an article telling about the book and the upcoming book signing event that will be held in Athens in December.  We are so appreciative of their continued encouragement and support.

Katy and Sam Visit Oxford

Posted on 10/19/2012

On October 12th, Katy and Sam came to Oxford for a book signing at Off Square Books and an interview with the Oxford Eagle.

The book signing was a great success and Joe Scarborough of MSNBC, pictured with Sam and Katy, dropped by. He bought a copy and later tweeted that the story was inspiring!

The Oxford Eagle write up was glowing and is available in pdf.

Katy and Sam Appeared on WLBT

Posted on 09/19/2012

Sam Lane and Katy Houston were interviewed on the WLBT television midday news report on Tuesday, October 9th, in Jackson.  The interview gave an insight into just how much that “treat of the week” meant to Sam and his family.  It also told  where the book will be sold in the Jackson area:

Lemuria Bookstore in Banner Hall

The Early Settler in Highland Village

The Everyday Gourmet on County Line Road

The Everyday Gourmet on Highland Colony Parkway